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No, Satelise uses your GPS, and you do not need additional devices. However: remember to switch it on when starting your journey!
You can access your personal details section from your private area and change your card details. It’s really simple.
You can access your personal details section from your private area and change your licence plate details. It’s really simple.
Satelise always allows you to change your licence plate. Satelise does not allow you to delete all vehicles as we always need at least one licence plate linked to your profile. Always remember to change this information before driving through the toll and before starting the journey
We are working on this, Autema is the only motorway which uses this new satellite geolocation system. Satelise is an Autema product, but we are working daily to export this project to other motorways. We hope that you will be able to use Satelise on other motorways very soon. Thank you for choosing us.
We have already thought of this – in the personal details section in the private area, you can add other vehicles or change existing vehicle details. It’s really simple.
Of course! Please remember that you must do this before passing through the toll area.
No, Satelise works through GPS, so you don’t need to look at your mobile phone. You just need to turn your GPS on… and start your trouble-free journey!.
To use the app, we need you to enter your details – this allows you to pay easily for your journeys from your mobile, without any fee or extra travel. We want to make your life easier, pay in just one click and worry about the important things.
Check before you travel that you have sufficient battery, as if you start your journey, and you pass through a gateway without any battery or the journey is interrupted, the application will not detect the journey and you will have to pay for the whole toll.
Satelise is an Autema service, so if there are any problems you can enter a claim at in the customer private area, or ring: 93 833 11 11
Satelise is an Autema service, so if there are any problems you can enter a claim at in the customer private area, or ring: 93 833 11 11
Oops, sorry! If you run out of battery, you can’t pay for the toll and you will need to use another payment method. Satelise cannot work without a battery. The battery is like our fuel!
If Satelise is interrupted, it will restart. You will need to restart the application if you want to continue with your journey.
Of course! Satelise offers you the same discounts as Vía T, but without having to leave your car, and in just one click. We make it easy for you!
Satelise only works if your GPS is activated and working correctly, if this isn’t the case, you will need to use another payment method
We are able to help you through various contact points – someone will get back to you and give you the help you need.
If your card doesn’t work, we recommend that you check your card details on your profile or re-enter a valid card.
Don’t worry, you just need to leave the application on. If you don’t end your journey when passing through the virtual gateway, Satelise will detect that you have ended your journey and will only charge you for your journey. After 4 hours, the application will switch itself off, it’s that simple!
Satelise only works if your GPS is activated, once you start your journey the application will remind you that you shouldn’t switch it off, so everything will go smoothly!
Don’t worry, we don’t charge you by time, just by journey, so we will only charge you for the journey you have made. After 4 hours, the application will switch itself off if it cannot detect any movement. The application will stay on in the background during this time to save battery.
Satelise is an app which allows you to pay for a toll with your smartphone. This technological platform makes it easier for you to pay to use motorways and highways. Based on satellite positioning, this app doesn’t require any physical infrastructures and you don’t need to install any equipment in your vehicle. Download the app, register and start to pay for your toll payment in just one click from your mobile phone. Just worry about enjoying your journey and forget the rest.
In the vehicle selection section in your private area (My Satelise)
Satelise is a free mobile app, no maintenance is required and it’s completely free.
You can use Satelise for any route, but remember that if you are driving a motorcycle, you must use the signposted route.
The concessionaire which operates Satelise is Autema, and within Autema’s private area the system allows you to link invoices with a Vía-T account, but this option is not available on Satelise: Satelise only allows payment with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. However invoices are issued by Autema and Autema allows invoices to be issued with other types of card, including Vía-T, and therefore on registering in the private area, this option will appear.
Despite the fact that the GPS continues to operate, you can’t activate this mode if you want to use Satelise. GPS is essential for Satelise, and airplane mode turns off data communications, preventing your mobile phone from telling us precisely when you pass through the gantries.

Vía-T and Satelise are two incompatible payment systems, but you can enjoy the same discounts with both; if you want to use Satelise and you have a Vía-T device installed in your car, the Vía-T device must be hidden so that it is not detected by the antennas. If the Vía-T is detected as you pass under a gantry, the journey will be charged to this system and in no case will you be charged twice.

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