about Autema

the Sant Cugat-Terrassa-Manresa (C-16) motorway is part of the Eje del Llobregat, which is part of the European E-9 route which links Barcelona to France, through the Puymorens tunnel, and with Cerdanya and Andorra.

along its route, it links the Vallvidrera tunnels, the AP-7 in both directions – Tarragona and Girona-France, the Sallent-Berga C-16 motorway and the Eje Transversal de Cataluña C-25 in both directions – Lleida and Girona.

Autema was opened in mid-1989, and the motorway has become well-known as a very safe road allowing a quick and direct journey, saving time and fuel.

tolls on working days are reduced by 45% compared to public holidays, and on certain days additional discounts can be earned depending on the number of journeys completed during the month.

at Autema, our aim is to preserve the natural and socio-economic environment, minimising damage to the surrounding ecology.

  • construction of two artificial tunnels
  • broadening of the viaduct over the Rubí riverbed
  • widening of the Marina ravine pass to use it as an animal crossing
  • strict control of logging and land clearing
  • stripping and conservation of the topsoil
  • planting of Mediterranean shrubs such as: rosemary, thyme, laurustinus, strawberry trees and brooms…
  • channelling riverbeds and streams, adapting them as animal crossings
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